Golf And Chiropractic

Golf is played worldwide as it is fun but along with this it also provides a range of mental and physical benefits that include reduction of stress and anxiety, physical fitness, weight loss and maintaining mental alertness. Golf is usually chosen as a healthy pass time. It might look like a game which just includes walking and posing like champions but it is very tough for the body. The areas under pressure during the game should be taken care of. A review of the medical literature tells that 50 percent of the golfers suffer from injuries.

Chiropractic care is important to eliminate the injuries but along with it, it can also help inn preventing these injuries. Spinal care is very important for the golfers to maintain a good game and healthy life.

The pursuit for flawless swing

Golf is all about the swing. While playing, maintaining a posture that is required for the perfect swing is a great deal for the spine. The hips are affected the most because of the twist with each swing. Along with this the shoulders and elbows are also affected. Golfers play by the rule “hit it where it lands” due to which they might have wrist issues. The spine is exposed to compressive pressure that can lead to tenderness, discomfort and misaligned spine.

Chiropractic care to address issues

Golfers should not wait for the injuries to occur but try to avoid the injuries in the first place. It can be avoided by keeping the spine aligned. It enables the whole body to be in the state it is required to be in. In this way pinched or compressed nerves can be avoided. Surprisingly a very large number of injuries occur due to the misalignment of the spine. The movements made during the play can alter the alignment leading to several problems such as sciatic nerve pain because of the hip movements, elbow and shoulder pain. Spinal manipulation can reduce all such issues.

Common golf swing injuries

There can be many factors leading to the injuries such as over-practice, over-swinging, playing without warmup, improper grip and rotational stress on the spine. These factors can lead to back pain, inflammation in tendon tissues, knee pain and rotator cuff.

Chiropractic boosting the game

Chiropractic treatment can put the body of the golfers back into shape and correct alignment. It can regulate the blood flow and remove the compression in the nerves and help relax the stiff muscles. The muscles are relaxed by inducing flexibility. Spinal manipulation is performed on the abnormal vertebra to reduce inflammation and irritation in the spine. It can greatly reduce the back-pain issues. Along with this chiropractic mobilization is the stretching the muscles and joints to increase their smooth activity.

It all begins with you

With chiropractic the injuries can be removed and the game can be improved but there are ways we can altogether avoid all of this. Reaching the golf course early and warming up before the game. Stretching and light swings can be a part of the warm up. Drinking plenty of water before the game is necessary to avert dehydration. This is beneficial in dodging strained muscles. Carrying the golf kit around the course can also cause muscle issues. Metal spikes can control torque of the swing during the twist. The action of the wrist swinging the club should be evaluated to prevent long term injuries. Keeping all this in mind, golf can prove to be a competitive game and a healthy recreational activity at the same time.


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